If I Could Learn Another Language Overnight

I am already semi-fluent in French, and I took two years of Spanish at my local community college, but if I could wake up speaking another language it would be without a doubt Gaelic. I’ve been to Ireland and I’ve heard the language spoken first hand, and it is lovely and so different from the Romance languages.

In the course of my world building for a series of novels I hope to someday write, I created a fictional city for my characters to live in. Within that city is a university, at which there is one set of very unique classes offered in the Foreign Language department. Yep, you guessed it. I have professors of Gaelic in my fictional city, and there are even some dual language sign posts around town. The founding members of the city were from Ireland, after all.

Back in the real world, I have a “teach yourself Gaelic” book at home, but the CD that’s supposed to come with it to help you with the pronunciation was unfortunately missing, so I have yet to embark on that linguistic journey. That’s why waking up with the knowledge would just be too cool for words.

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Author: Nikki B.

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