Letter from Camp: Day 6 Late Report

Hi everyone, I’m back again, this time after a nice and calm and uneventful day of work. Instead of heading back to my cabin at quitting time, I decided to utilize an alternate writing location in order to a) limit the amount of distractions that usually occur in the form of munchies, a cat and a television, and b) get as much cranked out in two hours as possible before making the trek home.

This turned out well, as in just under two hours I was able to get very close to reaching my daily word count in one session (1,337 for those who like to track the numbers). on top of that, I had a great idea that replaced an earlier great idea for the end of this chapter and the next one, and added it to my notes at the end of the file. That done, I ejected my flash drive and headed back to my cabin to feed my kitty — of course she came with me to camp! — and to take a short break.

My second session at the keyboard, this time with my book’s soundtrack playing in the background and my kitteh within reach, resulted in another good effort. I end the day with a count of 1,995. Yay!

I bet you’re wondering, why didn’t she just keep going? It’s still early enough in the night she could even double her current word count!

Well, I thought of that. I did, really. What also occurred to me was that the next section was going to be full of emotional upheavals, revealed secrets and the first of many confrontations facing our MC’s in these last chapters. I really wanted to work on that when I knew I had plenty of time without having to stop because I had to go home or go to bed or some such. I didn’t want to get right into the thick of things and then suddenly have to quit because I was so tired my eyes were drooping, or my lunch hour was over, or it was plain and simple lights out.

So, it awaits for tomorrow night’s session. Besides, it’s actually something good to look forward to, and we all need that once in a while, right?


Author: Nikki B.

IT Ops Girl Friday by day, wannabe Writer by night who's attempting to finish just one of her many novels. Follow the saga on Wordpress!