Letter from Camp: Day 6 Early Report

Hi everyone, I’m back, direct from my new cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo. I had one camper opt out of staying in my first cabin, and the others were not terribly sociable, so I switched cabins on Friday night. My two other girlfriends at camp with me are still in neighboring cabins, and two of my four new roomies are chatting, and that’s what I was looking for, so I think I’ll stay put.

When Saturday rolled around, I got out and about for lunch and then a case of homesickness set in, not to mention having a pretty nasty reaction to my first mosquito bite of the season–I don’t know how he got me, but he definitely left his mark! So… I hid out and didn’t attend my writing session. Then on Sunday, after attending services, I headed out to a six-hour event that ended up doing a number on my shoulder, which kept me out of the game the rest of the evening and Monday.

I had some hope that Tuesday would turn things around. I put in my full day of work, and then jetted off to choir rehearsal at 7:00. Returning to my cabin two hours later, I got everything set up and away I went and actually started writing at 9:30. I picked right up where I’d left off with no hesitation, fairly certain I knew where the story was going. I’d even put new batteries in my mouse so I could disable the touchpad mouse that has a tendency to randomly move my cursor while I’m typing and make some interesting word combinations.

I was on a roll, typing away not even looking to see how much progress I was making with page or word counts, when WHAM! My cabin went dark as the power went out, flickered once, twice, then stayed out.

Insert wide eyes, frozen fingers over the keyboard and a panicked “Oh, crap.”

A moment later I was very, very thankful for my laptop battery. It saved me literally from having to redo the 902 words I had written in the past hour, and provided enough ambient light to make it to the kitchen where my handy emergency flashlight was waiting for me. I proceeded to call in the outage and was told it could take as long as two hours for the power to be restored (that would be 00:30 for those of you keeping track of the timeline). Sighing as I hung up, it became quite obvious at that point that my plans to get caught up had been quite effectively thwarted by a completely random electrical snafu somewhere out in the non-camp world.

So I lit a couple of tealight candles to save the flashlight battery, set my back up alarm clock in case the power didn’t come on before the morning, hugged my pillow and curled up on the couch to wait and see if maybe the power came back on in time for me to sneak in a little more writing.

The next sound I heard was the harsh electronic beeping of my back up alarm going off on my living room table. It seems I’d fallen asleep while waiting.

You know, I kind of wish I could borrow Doctor Who’s TARDIS so I could go back and reset my weekend… (Yes, Meagan, that was just for you.)


Author: Nikki B.

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