Prepping for Camp

Well, in less than twelve hours Camp NaNoWriMo, “an idyllic writers retreat, smack-dab in the middle of [my] crazy life,” begins.

I’ve dug out my research materials and background files that will help me on this (hopefully) final sprint toward the finish line of this first novel of mine. I’ve got the two outlines ready to review tonight before camp starts in order to ensure that they will converge and meet where I need them to so I don’t find myself tugging on my ponytail trying desperately to figure out where things go wonky instead of writing.

I’ve sent a “hello!” to my assigned cabin mates on the Camp site. I’ve sent a letter to my friend Meaghan who’s in the cabin next door as well as another to my other friend Cindy, who’s in the cabin across the path. Another friend Bree is in a cabin close by too, so I’ve got a good group of fellow campers to call upon whenever the occasion warrants.

I’ve backed up everything onto my laptop and made sure my flash drive is ready to go and it’s attached to my keyring so I can’t lose it no matter where my writing takes me in June. I have only one writing conflict, but that’s for choir rehearsal and that will only make me sound that much better as we yodel around the evening campfires.

I’ve packed the bug spray–no way a mosquito is coming anywhere near me this summer–and I’ve stocked up on Twizzlers, quarters for the soda machine and a can or two of Diet Coke, and packets of raspberry lemonade Crystal Light shake ins to go in my bottled water. I’ve got my favorite felt tip pen and my new Clicker pencil for note-taking. My comfy clothes are packed so that I’m not distracted by anything that pinches, binds or constricts, and I found my pair of lucky toe socks (they have “Star!” emblazoned on the side and everything) so that even my toes won’t get cold.

Now, all I have to do tomorrow is pick up where I left off in November.

Well, as Dr. Sam Beckett of “Quantum Leap” said at end of every show’s teaser: “Ooh, boy…”


Author: Nikki B.

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