Tag ~ I’m It! So… who’re my Lucky Seven?

Tag ~ you're it!

I like Sundays. It’s day two of a weekend, and usually pretty relaxing. They’re days for heading off to church with Mom to listen to my peeps in Celebration (or Jubilation) sing fabulous songs and get super duper hugs from friends. Afterward, it’s off to lunch somewhere nomalicious. This Sunday had the added bonus of including belated birthday shopping, aka The Hunt For The Perfect Patio Chair that was to be my final present. The Fates were on their game yesterday, as we picked up everything we were looking for at one place and got pretty good bargains in the deal. (To see the photo of my new patio sans mini-garden, which is not yet complete and is to the left, click here.)

It wasn’t until I’d checked my email from my handy smartphone that I discovered I’d been tagged in a writer game apparently winding its way around the writer blogs.

Little ol’ me, who’s still working on her first novel and has been for mumble, mumble years now, tagged by my writer pal and all around great gal MG Buehrlen as one of her Lucky Seven!

Here’s da rules for when you’re tagged:

  1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy down the next seven lines/sentences as they are – no cheating
  4. Tag 7 other authors

Seems simple enough, right? Now I just had to decide from which page to pull  my excerpt? Of course, both pages have line 7 starts smack in the middle of someone’s dialog, so it’s not going to be clean, but here’s my 7 sentences from page 77:

“…I didn’t get any and I’m a little cranky.”

“Eww! You’re as bad as Lynne! I really don’t need to know if you had sex last night or not, you know.”

“Sure, but you’re so much fun to tease about it.” Amanda paused, and Beth’s heart began to pound. “Sam said he’s at least willing to meet you. All I told is that I had a friend who needed help and I thought he could be that help. I think the fact that I told him it was you played a little into his agreeing, by the way.”


Hee, I kind of like where it leaves off, making you curious. Or at least I hope it did!

Now that that’s done, my “Woo hoo!” for being included in something writerly turned into “Oh, crap!”   I was now faced with the “who on EARTH am I going to tag!?” dilemma. See, MG had already been sneaky and tagged Bria Quinlan, a now-mutual friend I met on Twitter and one of the few writers I know who actually knows ME back.

Yes, I am one of those who has befriended favorite authors on FB and likes to pretend they actually know who I am beyond a few postings or twitter replies.

What? You know you do it, too.

ANYWAY, considering MG had been tagged twice and had snapped up Bria to boot, I was now on the hunt for my seven.

So I have gotten creative and picked out these lucky blokes. Hopefully, they’ll play along and for the non-published among them, perhaps they can get a little notice for themselves at the same time. >:)

Nikki’s Lucky Seven:

  1. Jen Machajewski
  2. Meaghan Friedman
  3. Lori Thomas
  4. Elissa Yeates
  5. Jessica Corra
  6. Hannah Howell
  7. Michelle Rowan



Author: Nikki B.

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2 thoughts on “Tag ~ I’m It! So… who’re my Lucky Seven?”

  1. I don’t have anyone to forward it to either (except for those uber famous authors I also follow on FB and don’ t have the guts to send it to them). Here’s my 7-7-7, from my eternally unfinished novel “The Heart House”. (Its really weird posting stuff so out of context.)

    Janice Anne Chambers September 15,1953 – December 31, 1953.

    Most of the letters were still a mystery to Vivian but not the ones that spelled her little sister’s name: J-A-N-I-C-E. She had begged her mother to teach her how to spell the baby’s name: Frank for a boy. Janice for a girl.

    Vivian tapped on the long black sleeve with ivory buttons crawling up her mother’s arm. “Where’s my name?”

  2. Jen, thanks for posting! Meaghan did hers as a note on FB, and she retagged me, too! :) I only approved one of your comments since it looks like it saved twice. LOL!

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