Come one, come all, to my new foodie blog!

Hi everyone!

Now, I know this isn’t really a post about my writing, but it is about me, so I’m going to write it anyway. :) I’ve started another experiment, but this one revolves around another of my all-time favorite subjects — FOOD! I’ve always loved kitchens and cooking; Mom’s is still one of the most comforting places to go. On the holidays, or any regular weekday I’m invited over, you’ll find me hopping up on the counter and swinging my legs as we talk while she cooks (I’ve already completed my chopping/slicing/setting the table duties, of course). My skills aren’t too shabby either, but as a single person I often cop out and hit the drive-through instead of heading home to whip up something tasty in my own kitchen.

With the semi-surprise gift of a nifty new Cuisinart food processor at Christmas (I had completely forgotten that I’d put one on my list, so I was grinning and giddy when I ripped off the paper and saw what it was), I now had no excuse not to cook those recipes that called for that particular piece of kitchen hardware. Add to that the ton of kitchen gadgets, pots and pans in varying sizes, and the other appliances such as my Kitchenaid stand mixer that already had made a home in my apartment’s galley kitchen, an idea was born.

Swing by Nikki’s Nibbles ~ the saga of a budding chef for updates on what’s cooking in my kitchen or to learn what other food-related marvelousness I’ve discovered, and perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for yourself.

Bon appétit, mes amis!


Author: Nikki B.

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