A Look Back at 2011

As the last days of 2011 wind down, I’m suddenly of a mind to look back at the year. That’s when I realize I don’t really remember much of it except for a few things that happened here and there, and most of those since Thanksgiving. In some ways, yes, this is a good thing because that means no tragedies but it also means no “Wow!” moments either. So I decided to review my goals from January 2011, to see what my plan for the year had been.

All in all, the year wasn’t a total bust, because I actually did do some of the things on my list (eat healthy, be social, etc.), although a couple were made a bit simpler. So, here’s a few of the things I accomplished this year (goal number included and I hit them all!), presented in pictorial form so that it’s much more interesting. Hopefully 2012 will be just as good, if not better!

Nikki’s 2011 Milestones

January: Lunched with friends (#5: Be social)
February: Enjoyed Texas' version of a Snow Day (#6: Be happier)
March: FUN Singers choir is back in session (#5; #8: Be creative)
April: The first official Kitty Therapy with Kelley G. (#5; #6)
May: Got an "A" in Psychology (#5; #7: Be productive)
June: Worked on my Disney cross stitch (#8)
July: Saw "Captain America" three times at the Alamo Drafthouse (#5, #6)
August: Rejoined Weight Watchers; 15 lbs lost so far! (#4: Be healthier)
September: "Castle" Season 4 begins on ABC (#6)
October: Month-long fun for Mom's birthday, starting with a trip to Fredericksburg (#5; #6; #2: Be budget-conscious)
November: Attended multiple NaNoWriMo write-ins (#3: Be a writer)
December: First-ever featured vocal (singing alto) covering Manhattan Transfer's "Route 66" (#5; #8; #1: Be more positive)

Author: Nikki B.

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