The Music of My Manuscript

Occasionally, while skulking around on the social network sites of which I’m a member, I’ve often seen my favorite authors reference the music they listen to while writing. I’m interested in things like these because I too crank up the volume on my iPod (at home) or iPhone (everywhere else) when it’s writing time. Even now I’m listening to my homemade “Supernatural” soundtrack based on a favorite television show of the same name. If you’ve read any of my previous NaNo posts, I’ve probably made mention of a playlist for my manuscript that has been instrumental (no pun intended) in reminding me of the soundtrack I’d built for my story and my two main characters.

I don’t remember exactly when I created the playlists. Perhaps it was after the scene early on in the book where my main characters bonded over Evanescence. Maybe it was when I noticed it was just too darn quiet in the house when I was writing as my usual background white noise of the television or a movie playing was still too much distraction so I’d turned them off. It could have been a random happenstance of the coincidence of John Mayer music playing and me being extremely productive with my word count/chapters. Whatever the reason, I discovered knowing what music my characters lived their lives by appealed to me. (The irony that making music mixes, even if they relate to my Work In Progress, is yet another distraction [along with this blog post] is not lost on me.)

As I think back on it, I know creating the music list started with one song in particular: Michael Bublé’s “Everything.” That single was released back in 2007 and all elements of the song–lyrics, music, Michael’s voice–really appealed to me. I had been working on the book for about six months at that point, and it fit so perfectly into what I wanted for the story. So I began building the character playlists first, limiting the number of songs to only those that would fit if I burned them to a CD; I think I even sent a copy of the three discs with homemade CD cover inserts to my aunt who’s acting as my first reader. Beth’s came first; she is an extension of me, after all. Then I built the one for Sam, and finally the playlist for the background of the novel.

The music seems to work quite well, as whenever I listen to one of the mixes I hear my characters and my story, and they don’t distract but rather motivate me. So if you’ve been wondering about music to write to, I highly recommend it.

For those of you curious about my playlists, I’ve created a page especially for them, since each CD is
about 20 tracks. Check out the tunes here. Enjoy!


Author: Nikki B.

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