Day One Has Begun

Howdy, y’all! How’re you on this first day of that marvelous writing competition called NaNoWriMo? Me, I’m feeling pretty good, although I seem to be falling back into the trend I started in 2008 of having rhyming titles. I’ll have to see if I can make new rhymes if it continues; a challenge within a challenge, albeit a simpler one. :)

Before I get into how it went tonight, I want to explain how my version of NaNo works. (You may see me refer to it as NNE, Nikki’s NaNo Experiment, throughout the month.) Yes, I know I’m supposed to write a brand new novel in 30 days, but when I’ve got this manuscript that keeps taunting me with its almost doneness, how can I not work on it? So, in keeping with my annual tradition of trying to finish “The Great Boyfriend Experiment” (you can read more on the book by clicking on the ‘about nik’s current novel’ tab at the top there; you get to see photos of the main characters, too!), I am once again attempting to finish this book once and for all. Considering I’m pretty sure it’s two-thirds of the way done and I already have written over 169,000 words, it should be a piece of cake.

Egad, I hope that last sentence didn’t just jinx me into Unfinished Manuscript-Land!

Nah, I’ll be okay. I’ve got storyboards for the new chapters and the original outline to help lead me across that finish line. I’ve also got new NaNo buddies who’ll keep me on point–yes, Bree, Heather and Meaghan, I’m talking about you ladies!–and I’m going to help them out whenever they need it.

Okay, enough of that, on to the important stuff. You wanted to know how Day 1’s writing went! Well, my eyes are pretty darn tired from staring at computer screens all day, but I managed to write twice today. Once during my lunch where I cranked out 829 words in an hour, and again tonight after both of my choir rehearsals. That second session actually put my word count over the minimum needed, too. So, while word count isn’t that important with my modified version, it don’t hurt none because if I can get anywhere near that 50,000 mark, I may just have the impetus to keep this thing on the right track and be that much closer to writing THE END.

Today’s word count: 1,818
Total NNE word count: 169,019


Author: Nikki B.

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