My Favorite Place to Read and Write

I have favorite spots that I wish could be my writing spots. Most of the time I’m writing indoors, which is okay for the most part. However, the places I’d most like to have as an optional writing spot are:

1) Central Park, New York City — when I visited there years ago, I could just see sitting on a blanket in the park with my laptop (and multiple spare batteries of course) writing like crazy among the trees, the buildings and the masses of people. So inspiring!

2) A cabin in the Montana mountains — yes, it’s kind of a cliche, but what’s not to like about a cabin on a lake with cool mornings, fresh air and being able to turn the music up loud?

3) A pub in Dublin — I just love the vibe of an Irish pub, especially in Dublin. The cadence and feel of it call to me, and yeah okay, being able to get a half-pint of Guinness whenever I want is a plus.

For my favorite reading spots, see #1-#3 above, although curled up on my couch or bed with my cat beside me is hard to beat.

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Author: Nikki B.

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