My Favorite Ways to Procrastinate

Since most of these have in some way or another come into play regarding finishing my novel, it seemed apropos.

1) Watching my favorite television shows either recorded or on Blu-ray/DVD ~ 2) Reading books ~ 3) Working on craft projects, such as cross stitch, jewelry making or scrapbooking ~ 4) Doing absolutely nothing! ~ 5) Hanging out with my Mom going to movies or out for dinner ~ 6) Browsing discount bookstores and movie stores ~ 7) Going to the Alamo Drafthouse for a movie and a meal ~ 8) Working on other writing projects other than the one I should be ~ 9) Going to my day job ~ 10) Surfing the internet ~ 11) Attending classes at the community college ~ 12) Taking a much needed nap!

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Author: Nikki B.

IT Ops Girl Friday by day, wannabe Writer by night who's attempting to finish just one of her many novels. Follow the saga on Wordpress!