Roller derby rocks-literally

For today’s post, I’m checking in from the TXRD playoffs and it’s halftime. I’m what they call a “derby virgin,” never having been before. Woo hoo :) it’s pretty wild, and loud and fast. I’m rooting for the Cherry Bombs, as I know the super-fast “Kate or Dye,” the gal I’m interviewing for my Anthro paper. But las Putas del Fuego have a great defense and a couple secret weapons, so it’s any team’s game until the last minute I’m sure.

There’s one bout left in the season; whoever wins tonight goes to the Championship. If I get my hearing and voice back, I’ll be going to that as well. It’s at the convention center so there’ll be twice as big a crowd. Makes for an exciting Saturday night. And by the way, I was right. This would be so much more fun if I was here with friends instead of going stag. Any takers for the 15th? ;)



Author: Nikki B.

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