A Challenge before THE Challenge

Today’s September 30th, and you know what that means: it’s exactly 31 days before National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) begins again in November. The first year I attempted this challenge was in 2008, and I succeeded in writing every day from November 1 through November 30, even though I didn’t meet the daily word count or work on something new like the rules suggest. The next November was significantly less prosperous; I think I wrote nine days total that month. Last year? Well, I completely flaked out and didn’t even sign up because 2010 was pretty much a mess with the exception of my fantastic two-week trip to Ireland. This year, though, I’ve actually worked on writing-related projects, albeit not THE writing project that’s been dogging my heels for years. So, why am I bringing this up?

It’s time for a pre-NaNoWriMo challenge!

Even after having accomplished it once, the idea of writing 1,667 words a day sounds pretty daunting. (So far, there’s only 167 words in this post, so multiply that by 10 and there you go.) So on today’s News post, WordPress suggested joining the Post A Day 2011 challenge for October as good preparation for jumping right into NaNoWriMo. Sounded like a pretty good idea to me, especially since I already get the daily emails from Plinky to help keep me on track (see “Where’s Nikki?” below for more info on those guys). Since when I’m writing I usually follow it up with a post to muse on how it went (miserable, stupendous, ridiculous, appalling and so forth), this should be pretty easy.

It’s just an added bonus that there’ll be that much more new stuff for you guys to read, and maybe I’ll get some new visitors to this page of mine as well. It all starts tomorrow, and I have a feeling I already know what it’s going to be about. Stay tuned!


Author: Nikki B.

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