Writing Exercise: An E-less Tale

Hello again from the trenches! I’m happy to report I’m slowly but surely getting back into the writing thing. No, I’m not working on The Novel quite yet, having decided to keep things small to start. I think of it as a memory device — a way to remind myself how much I love writing a bit at a time, so that I can’t stand not working on The Novel and I just leap into it with gusto.

One of the easiest ways for me to write a little at a time is with a site called Plinky. I’m not sure exactly when or how I got the e-mail, but I liked the idea of a site where you could sign up to have a topic sent to you about anything, especially if they might be writing-related, and you could post an answer online. So, I signed up. Now, once a day a new question or challenge or thought arrives in my Inbox. Admittedly, I’ve only answered a few of them, 14 to be exact, and you’ve seen them posted here with titles such as “What I’d Do With A Million Dollars” and “How to Make A Happy Nikki in 10 Items or Fewer.” Most of the topics I don’t find terribly inspirational, and away they go into the Trash. Others range from thought-provoking (how do you define the word “friend?”) to perfectly silly (“The zombie apocalypse has arrived. What do you do?”). I now have 32 topics saved to test my creative skills.

In previous posts, I let Plinky to the posting for me, but from today on, I’ll give a little introduction and background as well. The first topic I’ve chosen was particularly interesting to me, both as a writer and an English major: write a 100-word story without using the letter “e” in any words. I didn’t think it would be easy, but it also made me realize how many words have that letter in them, and not just the articles or pronouns such as the/her/she. I stopped and restarted at least five times, changing story subjects at least twice before I was successful in meeting the challenge. This one made me consider quite a few things, especially regarding word choice. *laughs* I never did come up with an alternative for “kitchen” that also didn’t have an “e” in it! So, for all you other writers out there, I offer you the same challenge, and feel free to post them as comments. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Presenting: The E-Less Tale

“Mom, I’m hungry,” Molly says in Cat.
“Not now, Molly,” I say in Human.
“But, Mo-o-om!”
“No, baby girl.”
“Hush, now. You can wait a bit.”
Molly grumps and hops on our sofa. I sit too, and rub my girl’s chin. A purr starts, and Molly is okay for now. I watch my DVR; my cat naps. I stand; Molly quickly follows. Up my cat bounds to crouch and wait; a spoon I palm, a tab I pull, a dish I fill. I grin at my girl’s loud thanks in Cat: a happy “Mrowr!” All is right again in our world.


Author: Nikki B.

IT Ops Girl Friday by day, wannabe Writer by night who's attempting to finish just one of her many novels. Follow the saga on Wordpress!

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how one little letter can change what we write and how different it makes it for the reader. This is an interesting post which I shared on Twitter.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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