What I'd Do With a Million Dollars

This is a good question for a Friday when I've been having the "what will I do after I reach 20 years at my job" conversations with my mom and myself. Having a cool mil hanging around would definitely solve a lot of problems, and just make life easier. Now, I'm assuming here that I'll get the full amount (as opposed to only part of it as with the lotto), so here goes and after #1 they're in no particular order, just jotted down as they came to me:

1. Pay off my house, car, credit cards and all other pesky outstanding bills and then buy a bigger house with an amazing kitchen, an entertainment room and a huge library.

2. Hire a maid service.

3. Set up an account specifically to donate as much as possible to the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, TX to help support their big cat conservation efforts (http://www.tigercreek.org/).

4. Quit working!

5. Buy a summer house on Flathead Lake in Montana for escaping the Texas heat and for writing.

6. Write!

7. Travel. Where? Well, I've never been on a cruise, or France or Italy or Australia or Greece. Of course I'd go back to Ireland, and maybe St. Petersburg too.

8. Have a lot of fun doing things I couldn't afford before. Like season tickets to the Austin Lyric Opera, or Texas Stars hockey, or a membership to the Blanton Museum, things like that.

Now, I know the mil may run out at some point before all of this can happen, but it would be nice to check off as many as possible!

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Author: Nikki B.

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