Page 400, Chapter 36 and Beyond!

Hello again, everyone!

It’s been less than a week since I began my W.O.W. project and guess what? Not only did I kept writing on UnWednesdays, but today I accomplished two rather significant things: I finally finished Dread Chapter 35 that I struggled with for so very long and reached 401 pages for the first time ever. Yee and haw to that!

As often happens with a success, reflection occurs. I find it so interesting that it is so easy for me to find ways not to write when I can have accomplishments like these in so short a time. Just as fascinating is the simple fact that when the words flow, boy do they flow. Even with interruptions her and there, I don’t lose focus (or more importantly, where the story is going) and the scenes almost write themselves. I like that! It also really helps to keeps me motivated, and I really hope that I can keep it going and have it stay a positive part of my life no matter what else is going on. That, along with making real progress to writing “The End,” should keep me busy at least until the end of the year! ;)

Until Wednesday, my friends, when I shall be making the rounds for dinner and dessert for W.O.W. Week 2. See you then!


Author: Nikki B.

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