W.O.W. — How Did My First Day of Writing Go?

Hi everyone. They say third time’s the charm and well, this is my fifth try at writing this post. Had to switch browsers to get things to work, so thankfully my idea to save what I’d written last time was a good idea.

My first W.O.W. went well. I wrote for almost two and a half hours, minus drive time from dinner spot to dessert spot. I netted six pages and I think I’m finally past the Curse of Dread Chapter 35. I struggled for so long until a seemingly innocuous question magically resolved the problem: “How does Chelsea find out about where Sam went?” After that, I went back and checked and it had been five chapters and who knows how many pages since we’d encountered our blonde troublemaker. It certainly made sense that we find out what’s been going on with her, especially since her admirer had called her to task on her infatuation and manipulative ways. Once that decision was made, the story once again started to flow and my fingers flew across the keyboard. Problem solved!

So for a first day attempt, this little idea of mine to be Writing On Wednesdays seems to be off to a good start. I think it will inspire me to keep writing on UnWednesdays, and it is definitely great preparation for NaNoWriMo that starts November 1st. Hmm, that’s like six weeks from now. Yikes. Anyway, here’s to many more pages, and who knows, perhaps I really will finish this thing!

(P.S. — thanks goes out to my new friend Kimberly at Cupprimo, tonight’s spot for writing and their always yummy cupcakes. If not for her, I’d have a couple of young college guys in Montana drinking caramel macchiatos [hey, it sounded cool on the sign]. Turns out, guys really do go for the standard black coffee and maybe an occasional latte. See, getting out in the world instead of hiding at home has multiple benefits! *grin*)

Author: Nikki B.

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