Heart Versus Head

Choosing either heart or head depends on the situation for me. Lately, my heart and head have not been on the same page and the heart has had to be overruled. Especially this summer when my beloved cat (see photo), who had been managing her hyperthyroid splendidly for five years, suddenly took a turn for the worse. When faced with the bad news from my vet, who has been with Tink and I since I brought her home from the SPCA 15 years ago, it was time to make that awful awful decision – continue on watching her get worse until her kidneys failed completely or let her go so she can be with her big brother Mau and big sister Cleo in Kitty Heaven.

My heart was screaming "NO NO NO NO NO!" and my head was reminding me that she was not eating or drinking water and was losing too much weight too fast, and was not the happy silly kitty I knew and loved. So in this case, the head overruled the heart, and Mom and I (and Caryn and Dr. Angela who were there with us) said our farewells to my girl. This time, the head won over the heart, which is still quite shattered nine weeks later.

God, I miss you, Tinker Belle.

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Author: Nikki B.

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