My Dream House

Flathead Valley

Location: Flathead Valley, Montana. Grounds: within walking distance of Flathead Lake. House: a sprawling beauty w/ a big open kitchen w/ gas range. Tons of windows w/ a spectacular view of the lake would make up most of the walls for the kitchen, living room and the master bedroom, with a huge deck wrapping around the same for watching the sun go down, its steps down leading to the path to the beach and lake. There would also be a sizeable multimedia room and tons of storage for my movie/book/comics collections, not to mention really comfy furniture. Outside, lots of trees would shade the house and the deck/patio, and more greenery would be found here and there to fill in the gaps. I'd have a garage for my car as well, so I can finally stop washing off the bird s*** and tree sap and have Finn looking all sparkly dark green.

If it sounds like I've thought about this off and on, I have. This house happens to be the one I gave to one of my main characters, Sam, who is renting it in my current novel in progress. I even have the floor plan handy for reference.

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Author: Nikki B.

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