Rewrite Day 1

Hi, everyone. This evening I sat on my couch, laptop booted up, wireless keyboard and mouse in hand and intentions on starting the rewriting process of Dread Chapter Thirty Two. I was further inspired by my compatriots on Twitter commenting on their plans for NaNoWriMo. Some are going all out getting official gear, new software or even traveling to Seattle. Others debated should I/shouldn’t I? Even more shared samples or strategies or insights on previous years. On top of that, the only other thing going on was that crock pot of chili in the kitchen burbling away. Sounds like perfect conditions, right? Not quite.

Rather than list the multitude of slow downs and delays and crashes and problems I encountered tonight, I’ll just report that I got barely a page re-read, let alone revised. Worst of all, the batch of chili turned out rather bland and not even two slices of cheese made it taste better–and cheese always makes chili taste better! So I’m going to save my draft, close down Twitter and my e-mail and go sleep on it. The good thing about writing is that the next day is a new day and anything can happen. After all, it’ll be Friday and that marks the beginning of a big weekend for me. Saturday my new HDTV and Blu-Ray player are to be delivered and set up by the nice guys I bought them from. Sunday’s the big double-header choir performance with Mom and the Fun Singers at church. I’m even looking forward to Monday–I have a date with a tall, funny, charming, wonderfully normal guy who picks Twizzlers over Red Vines (like me) and will be the other last person on earth to give up their combustion engine (again like me). All these little tidbits add up to me having a positive attitude for the first time in quite a while. That’s most definitely worth today’s troubles, don’t you think?


Author: Nikki B.

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