Monday, Monday

Hi, all.

Well, I’m still a few weeks away from NaNoWriMo, and I’m definitely getting in the mood to write. However, the stress of my job has been sidelining me a bit over the last week–this tension headache of mine just won’t go away despite my taking ibuprofen–so I’m doing things in fits and starts. I’ve managed to:

    1) read over the chapters already written to see what frame of mind my characters are in to determine what interesting things, romantically speaking, will happen as they jet to California;
    2) finally finish fixing the forms and macros in my books database (cursing Access the whole time) that’s been busted for a month and a half, thus keeping me from updating my records;
    3) update said database with the books that have been teetering in stacked towers on top of my short office bookcase as they wait to be added;
    4) watch the Season Five premiere of Supernatural in real-time because I just couldn’t wait to watch it (and thankfully, it was worth it; there were even some gotcha moments); and even
    5) clean the guest bathroom, which is usually an icky job anyway but was made ickier by having to contort myself in between the toilet and the tub to really get things clean, not to mention all the extra blood rushing to my head and thereby making the headache worse.

Hopefully the continued assistance of my First Circle of Tweeters (not sure that’s a word, but it does the job) will keep me inspired and thinking “write, write, write!”


Author: Nikki B.

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