Things are a’changin’ ’round here

Hi, everyone! As you have probably already noticed, at the very least the theme for N&TN has been updated. Why, you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s the beginning of September, and in less than two months, that nifty writing competition/challenge I participated in last year begins anew. Sooooo, preparations are underway for updating the site so I’m all ready to go come November 1. And with each new chapter in this blog’s life comes a theme change. I’m running out of the ones I like best, though, so I might have to start recycling. LOL!

Even better is the fact that this year, I won’t have as many distractions/diversions/responsibilities since I’m not taking classes at the community college this semester ( I have choir rehearsal, though, so I should be in good voice, so to speak ). Hopefully this means I can start writing a lot earlier than 10:30 PM!

I also hope to find time to upload the rest of the character information by November. Even if I’m the only one who finds it interesting, I love referring to them and having them online is a lot handier than flipping through the hard copies in the binder. Oh, come on, like you guys didn’t already suspect I had a binder that held all my research, photos, character sheets, maps etc etc etc. … Okay, I admit it, I did finally have to move a lot of it into the file cabinet because I couldn’t get the silly thing closed, but there you are. Now all that’s in the binder are the hard copies of the chapters, the photos taken on the tour my Auntie and I took on our vacation, and the handy reference guide, “Synonyms for Said.”

Keep checking back, you never know what I’ll post next!


Author: Nikki B.

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