Today’s the day!

Hi all.

Yes, it’s Monday the 18th, the day I said I’d start writing again. And I will, promise. As I’ve mentioned, first thing is to get that last pesky chapter rewritten so that it makes more logical sense. Hopefully that won’t take too long. The next section should be really interesting to write – check out the “about nik’s current novel” page to see what’s coming up next!

Re character bios: I’ll update you at the end of my writing posts what links I’ve had time to add. I had some trouble finding a good format, which didn’t help the flow of things. Fortunately, I found one I’d used for something similar on my old “author” site–that site’s still up but pretty basic, and is under my then-pseudonym, Cecile St. Anne. We’ll see how it looks and let you know.

Until this evening!


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