School’s almost out…and it’s almost writing time again

Hi everyone.

Well, as the title suggests, the spring semester is coming to a close. I don’t do summer school–at least not since my first year at UT when I took Government and History II at ACC–and there’s a good chance I’ll take a break in the fall as well. What does this mean in terms of my writing, you may wonder? A lot, in fact. I’ve looked at things pretty closely, and have decided to forgo the summer theatre festival (for many reasons I won’t go into here) and focus on my writing. I’ve missed talking to the characters every day, and I know Auntie Valerie would love for me to complete it. I’ve got a thing or two to fix from the last chapter due to implausibilities in the scenario (apparently it takes you two days to fly to CA in a Cessna, and you can’t hear each other to talk in the cockpit. Go figure.) but fortunately for me, I set up a perfect solution a few chapters back.

So here’s looking forward to reconnecting with my characters and sending Valerie the much-anticipated chapters she’s been waiting for way too long now. I’m not guaranteeing to have it finished up by the Fourth of July (which is two days after her birthday), but I’m going to do my darndest to work on the book every day and really get things rolling.

Until May 18th, my lovlies – which gives me the weekend after school’s out to fool around before getting down to business.


Author: Nikki B.

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