Should I, Shouldn’t I?

Hi everyone. It’s been a while!

What prompted this little note to you, you may ask? Well, as it happens, it was an e-mail I just received from the Writers League announcing their manuscript contest for this year. They’d mentioned it before back in November when we were all plowing through our novels during NaNoWriMo, suggesting that the new work created could be used as the entry to this little contest.

Now, I have to tell you that this would not be the first time I’ve submitted something for a contest. In the mid-1990s, I sent off a script that I’d written for class based on the then-airing television show, Evening Shade, to win a semester-long scholarship to Walt Disney Studios. Back then, I’d thought, what’ve I got to lose? It doesn’t cost me anything beyond the price to mail the script, I’d get to spend a semester learning from those actually in the industry and I didn’t even mind that I’d have to work in the park (Walt Disney World) as part of the deal. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for me, but it was still an intriguing proposition.

This time, there’s a little more at stake. Like a one-on-one meeting with an agent or editor at the upcoming conference in June. I’m not attending the conference, as the cost is prohibitive at this point, but this is an intriguing idea. So intriguing in fact, that I plugged in the flash drive to take a look at my pages just to see if they’d pass muster.

After copying the first chapter (which in my formatting came out to 11 pages) and reformatting their way (double-spaced Times 12), ten pages cuts off in the middle of a paragraph, but it could also be an interesting break to end at the paragraph above. Isn’t the plan to leave your readers wanting more?

Well, friends, I’ve got a little over two weeks until the deadline for postmarks. I have until then to decide. So many questions: is the $50 fee worth it? is my book mainstream fiction or romance? how hard would the one-page synopsis (which is also being judged) be to write? am I willing to take this risk?

I know what Dottie would say — hush up and go for it!



Author: Nikki B.

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