Long time, no write

Hi everyone.

I know it’s been a while, but things are crazy in my world right now, and something had to give. So, the story’s been on hiatus for a while. Partly because of Nikki’s Crazy World, partly because of my emotions running amok for a variety of reasons–the holidays notwithstanding–partly because I got burned out by NaNoWriMo. But it’s always there in the back of my mind, in the reminders from my aunt, and on the To-Do List for 2009. So today while I had a few minutes while I tried to ignore the email notifications dinging at me or the people knocking on my office door while I try and “lunch” I opted to read back over comments from my Editing Crew on the last chapter (which is another “partly” for procrastinating). Here’s the short version:

“This chapter is going to need rethinking/reworking. Unless Beth and Sam are flying in a small jet, it will take 2 days MINIMUM to fly to LA…SO, perhaps they’d better go commercial unless Sam has friends with a small corporate jet.” 

This unexpected little wrinkle was, well, unexpected. Fortunately, it won’t be too awful to fix. Back a few chapters (#24 to be exact), I’d already added a tidbit of info on our hero that will very neatly resolve the commercial vs. jet issue. Isn’t it handy that he has a friend in Manhattan who happens to have a small corporate jet and might just let him have it for the weekend? Yeah, I kinda thought so, too.

Despite this little bit of foresight on my part, I don’t think I can get back the book and finish it by my birthday (end of March–yikes!) as my aunt suggested when she prompted my friends on Facebook to prod me to just that. I do hope to find time to fit it writing something between working extra hours (we’re smack in the middle of year-end processing, of course), attending classes two nights a week (although I should be home by 7:15 instead of 9:45 this semester), bi-monthly meetings and workshops for theatre club on Saturdays, church on Sundays and Carnival ah! performances. See? I told you it was crazy, and that list doesn’t even include meeting up with friends and/or family. I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t admit that sometimes I long for the days where it was just me and my TV…


Author: Nikki B.

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