Day Thirty: The Last Day’s Gone Away

Okay, everyone, that’s it! It’s officially after midnight, and Nik’s NaNoWriMo Experiment is now complete. Well, I had a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t actually get the rest of the book written in a month, but I’m darn proud I accomplished as much as I did. All this work taught me a lot of things, and I’m much farther along than I would have been had I not done NNE. As of tonight, I wrote five chapters this month, and that’s the most I’ve written in the same time period since the first word of the novel was put to the page. So although Auntie Valerie and her book club will have to wait a little while longer before they get the full version, I consider the experiment successful as I wrote every day and didn’t feel obligated to do so but rather looked forward to it.

So thanks to NaNoWriMo for amping up my writing, and to Valerie as always for her support and love. Talk to you guys soon, and Happy Holidays!!

Today’s word count: 947
Final NNE word count: 21,346


Author: Nikki

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  1. Congratulations on the progress! I think it’s great that you wrote so much more than you normally do and that you wrote something you can be proud of. Good luck in progressing the story beyond here.

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