Day Twenty-Six, Nothing Amiss

Okay, it’s official, I really need to start writing earlier in the day. But with all this free time, I want to do all kinds of fun stuff in addition to the writing, and time just flies by. Take this morning, for example. Two hours just zoomed while I cleaned out my closet of all the last remaining stuff that’s too big for me. Yay to that. Then I did a little online looking around for the redo of my office, and of course you have to find time to eat in there. I made potato soup again tonight (sooooo good) and still the writing didn’t start until late. Hopefully I’ll fall asleep fast and I won’t be late to Mom’s house to watch the parade tomorrow…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Today’s word count: 684
Total NNE word count: 17,707

(P.S. – there’s a good chance tomorrow’s post will be really really late depending on when I get home from Turkey Day festivities, so stay tuned!)


Author: Nikki

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