Day Twenty-Seven, Dinner was Heaven!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Well, I hate to say it but I didn’t find too much time to write today. I turned on the laptop and Mom & Dad’s for a little bit and worked some, but then it was time for our annual game of Holiday Scrabble (Dad won the first round, and I the second with a 90-point score using JAWS-SUCKS on a triple word score). Even Grandpa played. Then came the turkey, Mom’s stuffing and gravy (and not that icky cornbread stuff the insist on down here, but good, old-fashioned giblet kind), garlic mashed potatoes, cream corn casserole, cranberries and a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. Very traditional, and very VERY yummy. I’m now very well loaded with leftovers, both from today and all the cooking I’ve done this week so far. I have Ziplock tubs full of potato soup, chili and now Turkey Day goodies. Sigh – here’s hoping the scale is nice to me on Monday when my Weigh In comes due… =]

Today’s word count: 422
Total NNE word count: 18,129


Author: Nikki

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