Day Twenty-Five, Five-By-Five

Okay, I’m sure you figured out already that the post from really early this morning was named wrong. Oops! I blame it on the late nights, and the fact that I don’t have a calendar hanging within eyeshot. But the good news is that I turned in my completed and (if I say so myself) well-written research paper at 1:15 this afternoon. Mom says it sounds very scholarly, and that’s coming from a professed art history lover and art major too. LOL.

I’ve also heard back from Auntie Valerie on the new chapter, and it’s always wonderful fun to hear how much she enjoys the pages I send her. She’s even mentioned her reading club again wanting to review the novel so far. The question: should I wait and have it reviewed when they have the whole story, or let them do what’s complete so far? Ah, the dilemma of a writer. Have I mentioned how much I like calling myself that? :D

Today’s word count: 599
Total NNE word count: 17,023


Author: Nikki

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