Day Twenty-Three, Works for Me

 Hi guys. Today was another full day. This whole having a life thing is pretty amazing. I’ll admit, there are days I reminisce about when all I did was work and go home, work and go home. Now there’s school, and papers to write, and novels to create, and churches to visit, and shelves to stain. But given the alternative, this life is definitely better. I’ve got a few resolutions I’m working on for the new year, and I hope to stick to at least one of them. What that is, well, that’s between me and my day planner. As for the novel, Chapter 31 is almost done, and then I’m finally back to where I left off in the outline. In another case of life imitating art, the story will be taking place during the same holiday that finds Sam and Beth traipsing off to Los Angeles for the reunion. Cool, huh?

Today’s word count: 549
Total NNE word count: 15,884


Author: Nikki B.

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