Day Twenty-Two’s Over Too Soon

This one’s going to be short and sweet because it’s after midnight and I’ve got to get up in time to get cleaned up for church by 9 AM. Today was full of giving more clothes to Goodwill, hanging out with mom, getting groceries and (finally!) working on my research paper. Thankfully, because of the work I’d done before, it’s basically half done. I might need to tweak it a little to get one of my thesis points in there, but then it’s on to the other temple and voila, I’m done. Of course I puttered around the house and didn’t get to writing the novel until late, and of course I struggled again. I’m not sure how much of this is an aftereffect of breaking up, but it so wasn’t good timing for someone who’s in the middle of trying to finish a romance novel. I think if I can figure out a way to get You Know Who out of my head, maybe I can write this thing again without these skimpy days. <slow, wide grin> Fortunately, I know one guy who will never let me down. He’s currently on the cover of People magazine as the Sexiest Man of the Year, and boy howdy, are they right. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if one can restore her faith in romance using Hugh Jackman as inspiration…

Today’s word count: 484
Total NNE word count: 15,335


Author: Nikki B.

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