Day Twenty, Words Aplenty?

Okay, so not a plethora of words but a few. Today was just as bonkers as yesterday. I spent the day getting nothing and a lot done at the same time, and the last two hours were a crazy rush to get web updates done for the board meeting in two weeks. Ugh! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be the only one who works on something, especially when you need to go in to work a couple of days during your time off to process the updates before December 4th. At least I can go in comfy and in cognito, and stay and work on stuff that’s not work-related. Heh. I just wish I could crank the iPod too but I think that’d bug everyone else in the office when John Mayer blasts out of my office… <finger snap equivalent of “shucks”>

I am so looking forward to starting my vacation, which begins only after we do the First Responder release at 6 PM tomorrow night. I’m so going to need a beer and some Irish nachos at Opal Divine’s after that… no way I’m beginning my PTO by merely going home. Probably have to go solo, as everyone else has families to get home to. Oh well. Watch out, fellas. Here Comes Nikki!

Today’s word count: 311
Total NNE word count: 14,433


Author: Nikki B.

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