Day Eighteen’s Kinda “Super Green”

Okay, so I stole part of the title from “The Fifth Element,” but it’s still true. Today flew by at work, and in between work and school, and at school, and at home and after that. This whole starting to write at 10PM thing is tough. If I didn’t have such a busy day I think I could get more accomplished. Tomorrow I’m off work at the usual time — if I don’t stay late to help get the imaging backfile caught up (we have to be done by December and that’s not that far away). I already have to stay late at work on Friday night to do a release, and will likely skip dinner. I might get some writing in that night though, since the applications I need to do backfile will be down and I can’t work on that. I guess we’ll see, huh?

Today’s word count: 241
Total NNE word count: 13,455


Author: Nikki B.

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