Day Fifteen, Kinda Lean

Sorry all. Today’s been kind of a mess. Although that seems to be the theme of things these days. If it’s not one thing it’s another, right? Although the semester is winding down, other things are ramping up and there’s just not enough time to do them all. I’m even missing out on a close friend’s party tonight to work on my paper and my novel. Ah, yes, the novel. I’ve stopped and started a couple of times tonight to write, and it’s just not flowing. It might be ’cause it’s the beginning of a new chapter, it might be ’cause I’m not into romance right now, it might be ’cause I’m getting run down. Any of these things are the culprit for lack of concentration (again) and a measly little word count. At least I’m writing every day, which is the ultimate goal. Granted, I’m sure everyone thought and hoped I’d be further along. So did I. Here’s hoping the second half of November is much more prosperous. Those vacation days are looking soooooo good right now, for more reasons than just the appointment to get my Montana sapphires set on the 24th… 

Today’s word count: 270
Total NNE word count: 11,378


Author: Nikki B.

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