Day Fourteen – I’m Halfway There

Well, today was another tough day. How come it seems like everything always hits at once? Too much work at the same time as that research paper (which is coming due in a dangerously short amount of time) at the same time as my little experiment here. How I’m longing for the days when my days were so empty I wrote at the office in between Helpdesk calls. At least my fellow officers pushed our meeting from 9:30 to noon, so I could write later/longer and sleep in a little.

It’s interesting…on the way home from work tonight, I was actually thinking about where the scene left off last night and what comes next. That hasn’t happened in a while, which means I’m definitely getting back in the groove. I even managed to finish another chapter (I know, Valerie, I’m behind on sending them to you. Big apologies and hugs!). Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a much more prosperous one.

Today’s word count: 427
Total NNE word count: 11,378


Author: Nikki B.

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