Into Day Twelve I Delve

Okay, that rhyme was a little harder to come up with, but I thought I did good! LOL. Today’s been crazy. Work, work, work, shopping, shopping, dinner, feed cats, shower, power up laptop, stare at screen. Notice how nowhere in there does it mention “study for Art History test tomorrow night?” Yeah, me too. Good thing I’ve got a couple of hours before the test tomorrow afternoon to review the slides, all of which I actually have to know this time around especially since there are less of them.

All that aside, the writing went okay, but again my concentration was shot by the knowledge that I have a test to study for and relationship remnants based on events from the day. As much as I love writing, it really does work better if I can concentrate on just the writing. That means in December when school is out for the semester I’ll have a lot more time to work on the book. And Valerie won’t need to hound me for the next chapter because I’ll be cranking them out like mad. :)

Fortunatley, there’s still a little time left tonight before bed, so off to study for Exam #3 I go!

Today’s word count: 232
Total NNE word count: 10,255


Author: Nikki B.

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