Day Eleven Was Kinda Like Seven

As I’ve probably mentioned before, writing on school nights is getting gnarly. I’m at work all day, and any writing I sneak in has usually been on my research paper and not the novel. Then, I head directly for school to finish up any last minute reading and review before class begins at 7:00. Art History is over at 8:30, when I need to do any last minute things like getting gas for Lucy (my car, and I only paid $1.99 a gallon – woo hoo). Feeding the girls doesn’t take much time but it’s still time. So when I finally get to the writing part of the evening, it’s a little too close to bedtime. But I’m sticking to the commitment and writing I must do.

Writing I did, and for a good hour and a half which netted me a couple of pages I think (I’m more about words than pages tonight). I even managed to write down what action should take place next so when I log back in tomorrow night I know just where to start. How’s that for planning ahead? LOL!  

<medium-length whistle> Wouldya look at that – I hit 10,000+ words tonight. That’s almost as cool as hitting the 300 page mark a couple of months back. I keep this up, and maybe even ramp it up on the weekends, I might just get pretty darn close to that 50k mark set by the competition. Nifty!

Today’s word count: 674
Total NNE word count: 10,023


Author: Nikki B.

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