Day Ten – Kinda Zen

Well, I managed to get a tiny, tiny bit of my research paper written earlier today, so that enabled me to focus on the novel. And, if you haven’t already taken a gander at the word count, things went much better for me tonight. Chalk it up to better karma, less sleep or just plain better focus, I actually cranked out quite a bit tonight. I was hoping to reach 10k tonight, but I hit a good stopping point and I’m pretty wiped out. All that hard work on Saturday is still plaguing me, and slumping on the couch with a laptop isn’t doing my sore lower back and side any good. So, I’m going to sign off for tonight and relax a little before heading to bed. Not sure what tomorrow will hold, being a school night and all, but I know it’ll get me that much closer to the end of Chapter 30, and The End.

Today’s word count: 1,151
Total NNE word count: 9,349


Author: Nikki B.

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