Day Nine Went Just Fine

Well, the weekend’s pretty much over but this writing thing’s just begun. I’m not working on GBE as much as I thought I’d be, and while I’d like to blame my personal life for that, I have to take some accountability for being a tad lazy. This was my first weekend as a newly single person, and I admit I wanted to do absolutely nothing. Yet I didn’t want to disappoint myself by failing in my project because of it either, so I sucked it up and wrote some. It wasn’t all procrastination, however; I did get caught up on a lot of things I’d been putting off due to the upheaval in my life. Now that things are settling down and I’m moving on a little at a time, maybe I can come home from work, fire up Rommie (my laptop) right after dinner and get in the writing groove before I get sidetracked. I kind of wish it was summer again, because all my shows would be in hiatus and I wouldn’t have the distractions. Of course, Valerie would tell me to get rid of my TV/DVR/DVD player altogether, but as I proved in college, television and movies make for great background noise for me… as long as I choose something I’ve seen tons of times (like The Mummy Returns that’s playing now) rather than something I’ve not seen yet or really love (like Supernatural, which I’m going to start up after I post this). The other option is I could stay late at work and write (after running out to grab something for dinner), with the only distraction of my iPod playing across the room. Maybe when Mom and I get my guest room cleaned out and set up the way I want it I can create not only a great space for crafts but for writing as well. Great lighting, a great chair and no distractions. Hey, anything’s possible!

Today’s word count: 585
Total NNE word count: 8,198


Author: Nikki B.

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