Day Six, A Few More Words Added to the Mix

Ugh, Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be tough on the writing. I’m not getting home from school until quarter to nine, and after taking care of the girls it’s nearly 9:15 before I’m in front of the keyboard. I hope that the rest of the days of the week I’ll be able to get a little more volume out of my writing. Yes, I could write longer, but it’s already past my bedtime and I’m yawning so hard my jaw is nearly stretching in two. So, I’m calling it quits after a page and a half, hoping–no, knowing–tomorrow will be more fruitful. Yes, I might have to work late and yes, I have a relationship to bring closure to and yes, I have to get up early on Saturday for a school Student Life event. But just like tonight, I’m sure I can find time to write because it’s important to me, and to the project.

Hey, 700 words is better than none, right? You betcha!

Today’s word count: 696
Total NNE word count: 6,901


Author: Nikki B.

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