Day Five, The Experiment’s Still Alive

Hi everyone. Me again. Of course who else would it be on my own blog, right? LOL. Anyhoo, while today wasn’t as prolific in the word count department, I did get another chapter done. That’s right, ladies and gents, it only took two days to get Chapter 29 written. Woo hoo! Valerie’s going to love that, after waiting months in between 27 and 28. Hee hee! See, this is what happens when I actually write the book at night when I get home from work instead of spending the evening watching TV or DVDs.

Well, okay, so I might have the TV on or a movie playing in the background as I write, but I make sure to put in something that’s white noise instead of something I really want to watch, like the new DVD set of last year’s season of Smallville that I got at Half Price Books on the way home. It does make for a good incentive to get my work done though, doesnt’ it? :) So I’ll leave you with the updated word counts while I’m off to snuggle with the cats under a blanket on the couch. Talk to you tomorrow!

Today’s word count: 810
Total NNE word count: 6,205


Author: Nikki B.

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