Day Four, I’ve written even more

Hi all. Well, another successful couple of hours has moved the story along, connected all the pieces previously written and leaving me in a good spot for tomorrow. Yee-haw. I’m glad I talked myself into doing this project. It’s reminding me how much I enjoy it and the characters, seeing if they’re following my lead or if I’m following theirs. Interestingly enough, Real Time is almost exactly two years later than Story Time, the current chapters taking place a week before Halloween 2006. Of course, my costume wasn’t as elaborate as my main characters is, and my boyfriend didn’t wear a costume this year. So you can definitely say I’m living a bit vicariously through them for one night a year. Isn’t fiction fabulous?

Today’s word count: 1,205
Total NNE word count: 5,395


Author: Nikki B.

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