Day Three Is Done

Well, I got a late start on the while writing thing today, and I had to re-work a bit because of continuity issues (which are a lot easier to fix in writing than in film, I can tell you that). But I managed to crank out another three and a half pages and almost another fifteen hundred words. Kind of makes up for the bummer of a day I had today, but only a little. Writing has definitely been therapeutic for me this month, and it’s reminding me that I can write after work if I want to–and if I’m not too tired. That said, I’m heading off to bed so I can get up in time for my early-morning doctor’s appointment before work tomorrow. We’ll see how the day goes; I may have to cut tomorrow’s fiction session short in order to get a bit more on my research paper done. At least that one’s only five pages long! :)

Today’s word count: 1,472
Total NNE word count: 4,190


Author: Nikki B.

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