Day Two Results

Well, today was much more fruitful as far as my writing went. Again, due to my mood this weekend, the desire to write wasn’t really there but once I got to typing, the action just started to flow. I appreciate it when that happens, because I enjoy the creative process so much more that way, regardless of what’s running through my head that day. It’s a marked difference from yesterday, when I could barely get a page written. Today, I cranked out five and a half pages and over 2,000 words. Okay, so I did sort of forget a piece that needs to be in the middle of the scene I’ve just written, but I did find a good spot to insert the missing section. Again, it’s always nice when I unintentionally build in those elements and it’s not a struggle to fix. Hopefully things will go as smoothly next week; in addition to my usual Mon/Wed free evenings, my professor cancelled class on Tuesday (she’s been sick and has now officially lost her voice from working too hard and not resting). I will now have a little extra time to not only work on my novel but get in a little writing on my Art History paper as well. I’ll take it.

Today’s word count: 2,169
Total NNE word count: 2,718


Author: Nikki B.

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