Day One

Well, it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and while I’ve gotten a lot of things done, none of them relate to writing. You know how that goes, best intentions and all that. Well, I’m about to see if I can get a start on a few words for today, then take a break to go have dinner at mom and dad’s, after which I’ll come home and work a little more. I have a feeling this afternoon isn’t going to go as well as I thought. Trying to fit in writing in between drama club stuff and a little bit of life drama can be tricky, as I am discovering on this Day One of NNE (that’s the acronym for this project, Nik’s NaNoWriMo Experiment, if you didn’t catch that; it’s also much faster to type).

Okay, my friends. I’m off to write a little bit. I’ll check back in later and let you know how it went…


Author: Nikki B.

IT Ops Girl Friday by day, wannabe Writer by night who's attempting to finish just one of her many novels. Follow the saga on Wordpress!