WLT Write-ins Update

Hi, all.

Just received this week’s Footnotes from the Writers’ League, and I won’t be able to make their first two free WLT-Hosted Write-ins. Drat! Why, you ask? Well, they’re both on Thursdays, which means…

  • Nov. 6th I’ll be in Art History class that night until 8:20 or so, which means I’d have a mere 15-20 minutes to work by the time I got to the coffee house as the session ends at 9:00. I can have more time to write if I go home and pretend I’m in a coffee house; I see a nice warm mug of sugar-free hot cocoa on the desk that night to keep the intent.
  • Nov. 13th the session is from 1-3 in the afternoon up in Pflugerville, which is a ways from my condo, not to mention the office. Oh, and there’s that whole pesky Art History Exam #3 which I’ll need to study for too.

If that wasn’t enough of a bummer, I won’t get to participate in the Lock-Down Write-In (7 PM – 7 AM on Nov. 7-8) due to a) an impending deployment of a software release at work before b) Eric and I head off really, really late to Plantersville, TX for a weekend at the Renaissance Festival. And yes, before you ask, I am bringing my laptop with me so I can write in the evening while we unwind from all the anachronistic mayhem. However, I may just get to do the Last Chance Write-In from 9 PM to midnight on November 30 for that “big final push” to get that last chunk of writing done. I wonder if my office will let me come in late so I can catch up on my sleep? :)

Just two days until the writing begins…


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