Hurray! I am not alone!

Hi, guys!

After receiving this week’s e-newsletter from the Writer’s League of Texas (of which I am a card-carrying member), it should have come as no surprise that I’m not the first one to come up with the “just write every day instead” idea for NaNoWriMo. It’s nice to know there are many more like me who want to continue with and/or finish a Work In Progress rather than starting a draft of something completely new. At this point, I think I’ll be working on this solo, rather than joining up with my fellow WLTers. My imagination is already running wild with images of a room full of writers gesticulating wildly and/or yelling at their laptop screens when the words just won’t come! =] I will keep my eye on the NaNoWriMo blurbs in future newsletters, however, and let you guys know if I venture out of the house/office and join others like me in trying to reach our writing goals.

Additionally, my goal to track my progress here daily has me unintentionally aiming toward reaching the goal of the lesser-known NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), which I discovered by clicking on the NaNoWriMo tag in Cyndi’s WLT blog (see below). I won’t be signing up for that one either because posting on one site will be hard enough, let alone on two of them. I will, however, let you know how this one goes too. 

That’s all for now, except to say, “only eight days to go before the Return of Chelsea!”

To read WLT Executive Director Cyndi’s notes on NaNoWriMo, click here.


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